Our Process

We’ve perfected the quoting process. We take your time seriously by asking you only the essential questions. This is our process from start to finish.

meet and greet

When we meet new clients, we usually find that their current insurance plan neglects their needs. We get started with a short initial chat to look at your current insurance policy and what it’s covering you for. We don’t ask you unessential questions. Instead, we uncover your real exposures, what really matters to you, design a plan to protect you, and save you as much money as possible.

Designing the best plan for you

Time for us to do some research! With your answered questions, we go ahead and assess your current policy. If it turns out that you’re getting a better deal where you are now, we’ll tell you. In fact, we’ll even tell you what to change with your current insurance to ensure you’re protected.

However, if we notice that you’re under or over-insured, we present an eye-opening insurance plan comparing what you have now to what you really need. Our focus is that you’re only paying for coverage you need, while also making sure you’re not missing coverage you do need.

we help you discover lower rates

Once we’ve worked out how to give you the best level of coverage, we compare your plan against dozens of insurance companies to find you the best rates. We use all the tricks of the trade to find hidden discounts that you deserve.

finding the perfect insurance policy

Once we’ve found you the best rates, we’ll send you a beautifully designed document comparing your current policy to the type of policy you really need, along with quotes. Together, we’ll discuss how the quotes meet your needs, as well as more possible solutions to bring you the best balance of advice, coverage, and price. Finally. You’ll actually know and understand what your insurance will do for you.

count on us for a lifetime

Congrats! You now have a policy tailored exactly to your needs. Our service doesn’t stop here, though! We’ll always be in your corner, helping you whenever you need advice. Your dedicated insurance advisor is only a phone call away if you ever have a question. We’ll also stay in touch to make sure your insurance plan keeps up with you as your life changes.