About us

A better Client Experience

Does the thought of hours spent looking for insurance make you want to pull your hair out?

Are you confused when it comes to finding a policy that fits your exact needs?

Do you need to lower your monthly expenses by finding a cheaper policy?

You’re not alone! Good insurance at the lowest price can be almost impossible to find without the right help. Big insurance companies nowadays sell insurance in ‘one size fits all’ packages, meaning you aren’t getting coverage tailored to your exact needs.

Here’s the funny thing: these packages are often more expensive than tailor-made insurance. They also don’t cover you for nearly enough! Most people are under-insured and under-protected, and they don’t find this out until it’s too late.

Protecting you and your family is why we’re in business. We do all we can to get you the right coverage at the best prices.


Our Challenge

It seems most people we speak with are focused solely on matching their current coverage limits and the cost of their insurance policies, and not the actual risks that they are trying to protect against. The various “Save X % in Y minutes” advertising has falsely framed personal insurance as a commodity, causing many consumers to focus solely on the cost of coverage. As a result, many consumers learn at the worst possible time—after an uncovered loss. The words used by product peddlers to lure them into buying a “low cost” insurance policy mean just what the peddlers intended them to mean: save money now/never mind the protection.

Of course, consumer obsession over the search for a “good deal” is not unique to the insurance industry. Carl Richards, the author of Behavior Gap, reminds us that consumer focus on product is exploited by those who are paid to sell product. He explains, “Most of us are trained to think ‘What’ first, because it’s what you hear about all day long. But ‘What’ questions should come after we think about ‘Why’ and ‘How’. Starting with ‘Why’ means achieving clarity about your insurance expectations and creating a plan.”

Deceitful advertising that frames cost as the only factor in buying insurance has robbed consumers of the ability to ask the larger, far more important questions. Even simple questions like, “Why am I buying this insurance policy?” “Why buy insurance for your home, for your car, or to protect your assets from lawsuits?” The purpose of insurance is to transfer large losses from you to the insurance company, isn’t it?

If you start with the ‘why’ you can shift your focus to the reason why you buy insurance and to what extent you want it to protect you. Then you move to the ‘how’ to make sure that your policies will actually protect you or least know to what extent they’ll protect you. Now you can focus on the ‘what’ – finding the best price on coverage that you actually need.

Our Why

To Innovate ourselves so that,


We Inspire people to make the right
insurance decisions.

5 quick facts about us

  1. We’re an independent agency so we’re not tied to a single brand of insurance. We’re free to shop around for the lowest quote for you.
  2. You’ll love our team of 25 advisors, all trained to the highest level of customer care.
  3. We don’t believe in complicating things. We know how busy you are, so we make sure we get a quote to you as fast as possible.
  4. Since 2010, we’ve helped well over 5,000 Dave Ramsey fans with great insurance.
  5. We use EZLynx, the best high-tech software in the business when it comes to servicing your policies. You have total access to review and make changes to your policies 24/7.